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In Chapter 11 of my first book, Beyond Blind Faith, I wrote about how climate change could disrupt the ocean currents which keep Great Britain’s relatively mild climate from becoming like Russia. Here’s what I said then:

About 13,000 – 14,000 years ago, after several thousand years of retreating and melting ice, a huge ice dam in North America burst. Freshwater behind the dam rushed down the St. Lawrence River into the North Atlantic and disrupted the Gulf Stream. Europe was plunged back into an ice age (called the “younger Dryas”) for 1,000 years. Average summer temperatures in parts of northern and western Europe dropped as much as 16°.

Climate scientists tell us that a similar disruption of the Gulf Stream is unlikely during this century. But the salinity of the water in the North Atlantic has been slowly decreasing, the result of melting ice and increased precipitation in that area, so the possibility does exist.

The Gulf Stream is part of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (the AMOC), and a new study[1] recently published in Science Advances indicates that the scenario I discussed in Chapter 11 of my book may be happening much faster than scientists previously thought. According to that study, the AMOC is weakening and could collapse in the not-too-distant future.

Unfortunately, the science is still pretty young, since scientists have been continuously monitoring the AMOC only since 2004. So scientists are unable to say exactly when or how soon the AMOC could collapse, although the question does seem to be more “when” than “whether” it will happen. A study in 2021 said the AOMC is weaker than it has been in 1,000 years, and a controversial study from last year said the AOMC could collapse as soon as next year!

To learn more about what climate change is, how it is impacting our world, and how it might be fulfilling biblical prophecy, read Chapter 11, “Apocalypse Soon,” which you can read in its entirety for free on this website. Just click here, or click on “Don’s Books” at the top of this page and then click on the “List of Contents” under my book, Beyond Blind Faith.

[1]. This blog entry is based in part on the CNN article entitled, “Critical Atlantic Ocean current system is showing early signs of collapse, prompting warning from scientists,” by Laura Paddison, dated 2/9/2024, and found at


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