Beyond Blind Faith – Description of the Book

Beyond Blind Faith: Reasons For the Hope We Have (1 Peter 3:15) (copyright 2017, 2019)

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“I have long believed that there is only one sufficient reason to be a Christian, and that is because it is true.” (quoted from the Preface to Beyond Blind Faith)

This book explains why Christianity is the one true religion. As Jesus said, “I am the truth.” (John 14:6)

Attorney Don Davidson has been studying Christianity with a lawyer’s attention to detail for more than 40 years. In these well researched and easy-to-read essays he explains:

  • Why Christianity is different from all other religions
  • Why Christ’s resurrection is not merely a matter of faith, but of fact
  • Why Darwin’s theory of evolution is not a matter of fact, but of faith
  • Why bad things happen
  • Why “belief” in Christ falls short of what God wants from us
  • Why the traditional view of Hell as eternal torture of unbelievers is wrong
  • Why the Old Testament’s Yahweh is not the monster some believe Him to be
  • Why Islam and Buddhism are not credible alternatives to Christianity
  • Why we appear to be approaching the “birth pangs” Jesus prophesied would precede the Apocalypse

This book is ideal for adult education groups, Bible study groups, and self-study. It is intended for Christians who want a stronger foundation for their faith, as well as for open-minded skeptics. For the serious Bible student, the endnotes provide additional information as well as extensive citations to relevant Scriptures.

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