Border Carbon Adjustments

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Time Magazine is reporting that the European Union (EU) plans to implement what is called a “border carbon adjustment,” beginning in 2023. A border carbon adjustment (BCA) is basically a tariff to penalize countries and corporations that the EU believes are not doing enough to fight climate change. A BCA would raise the price of products entering the EU from those countries. The BCA is a response to complaints by European companies that they have been placed at a competitive disadvantage because of carbon restrictions they must comply with.

The EU would begin with tariffs on carbon-intensive products like iron, steel, and cement, and expand to other products by 2026. Such a policy could be particularly hard on Chinese companies, many of which are notorious for being carbon polluters.

It’s unclear at this point whether the United States might opt to impose a BCA of its own, although both sides of the political spectrum have expressed interest in the idea.

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