Killer Bacteria

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If you are reasonably healthy and get infected by the bacteria vibrio vulnificus you have an 80% chance of survival—which of course means a 20% of dying from the infection.[1] If you have a weakened immune system, your chances of survival drop to about 50%.

But don’t worry, because there are only about 80 reported cases of such infections in the United States each year. On the other hand, you might want to worry, because climate change scientists believe that is about to change for the worse.

Vibrio vulnificus lives in sea water and brackish waters where water temperatures are at least 68° F. In the United States, that means waters in the south, such as in and near the Gulf of Mexico. But as the planet warms due to climate change, the oceans are getting warmer. Climate scientists believe that within fifty years ocean water will be warm enough that vibrio vulnificus will be found in every state along the U.S. east coast—and thus, people in all of those states will be vulnerable to such infections.

Diseases like this are one of the “birth pangs” that Jesus said would precede the Great Tribulation and the Final Judgment, as I discussed in Chapter 11 of my book, Beyond Blind Faith, entitled “Apocalypse Soon.”[2] You can read the entire Chapter 11 for free on my web site,, because I believe this topic is that important.  You can go the web site and search for it under “My Books,” or simply click on this link:

[1]. This blog entry is based in part on the article, “Health Matters,” by Alice Park, in the April 10/17, 2023 issue of Time Magazine, page 28.

[2]. See Luke 21:10-11.


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