Lies Advertisers Tell

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My favorite “lies” that advertisers tell:

1.       “Free” – Actually, it’s almost always just included in the price.

2.       “You deserve. . . .” – If I truly deserve it, why do I have to pay for it? Of course, we deserve very little of what we get.

3.       “Everybody knows. . . .” – If everyone knows, then you don’t need to tell us.  

4.       “Everybody is talking about. . . .” –  Similarly, if everyone is talking about it, there is no need to tell us.

5.       “No one is better” – Doesn’t that just mean that you are about the same as your competitors?

6.       “Today only” – Yet it always seems to be available tomorrow, too.

7.       “Just pay shipping and handling” – Of course, that more than covers the product’s cost, too.

8.       “Free shipping” – Like “free,” it’s simply included in the price.

9.       “Save” – How do I save money by spending it?

10.     “Wholesale prices” – Wholesalers don’t sell to the public. If you do, you are not a wholesaler.

11.      “We treat you like family” – That is, like family members with money to spend.

12.     “You need. . . .” – Although we may want what they are selling, we probably don’t really need it.

The foregoing is reprinted from my book, Beyond Blind Faith: Reasons For the Hope We Have (1 Peter 3:15), Chapter Six, “Three Lies People Tell About God.” You can read part of Chapter Six by clicking here.


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