Disaster for Polar Bears

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Ice in the Arctic is receding by about ten percent every ten years due to climate change as well as the fact that the Arctic is warming faster than the Earth as a whole. That spells disaster for polar bears, which live exclusively in the Arctic and are now considered a “threatened” species.

The primary food source for polar bears is seal meat. Polar bears hunt seals by standing on the ice and grabbing or biting them when they come to the surface to breathe, and then dragging them onto the ice where the bear has the advantage. Seal blubber is packed with fat and calories that the bears need to sustain their massive bodies.[1]

But what happens if there is no ice? A polar bear is a poor swimmer compared to a seal, so polar bears in the water have a difficult time catching their dinner. If they cannot get seal meat, polar bears will try to survive on whatever they can find, which can include ducks, geese, bird eggs, berries and other vegetation, bones, antlers, or the occasional beached whale. But these foods are not as abundant or as calorie-rich as seal meat, leaving the bears struggling to survive.[2] So the vanishing Arctic ice could spell doom for the polar bears.

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[1]. The average male polar bear weighs about 1,200 pounds, and the average female weighs about 700 pounds. The largest male and female polar bears weigh around 1,700 pounds and 1,000 pounds, respectively.

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