The Old Testament Made Simple (Part 2) — Description of the Book

The Old Testament Made Simple: An Overview With Discussion Questions (Part 2 – 2 Samuel 14 through Job and the Prophets) (copyright 2021)

The Old Testament can be difficult to understand. So let’s make it easier.

Part Two completes what Part One started, with 91 more easy-to-read chapters, each covering an Old Testament topic from 2 Samuel chapter 14 through Nehemiah, Job, and the major and minor prophets. As in Part One, each of these 91 chapters includes one or more thought-provoking—and discussion-provoking—questions relevant to that lesson.

Also included: a timeline of key Old Testament events, a chapter on biblical prophecies about Jesus, a chapter about the “Last Days,” and footnotes (e-book) or endnotes (paperback) with biblical citations and additional historical information.

This book is great for self-study or a group Bible study, from high school to adult.

Available on as either a paperback or an e-book. The paperback version includes an index for citations to biblical books and an index for people and places. The e-book includes abundant hyperlinks.

Click here for a Table of Contents with selected sample chapters you can read for yourself.