An Approaching Disaster

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Lake Bogoria in western Kenya is home to millions of flamingos and the cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) they feed on. Not much else can live in the lake, though, because its water is twice as salty as sea water. Lake Bogoria is similar in that regard to Israel’s Dead Sea. Neither lake has an outlet, so water flows in, but cannot flow out. However, that could soon change.

Increased rainfall in this area due to climate change has caused water levels in Lake Bogoria and nearby lakes to rise, resulting in lake expansion. Lake Bogoria and its freshwater cousin to the north, Lake Baringo, used to be twelve miles apart. Now the distance between them is only about six miles.

People living near the shorelines of Lake Bogoria have been forced to move as the rising water inundated homes and businesses.

But it could soon get much worse for the people in this area.

If Lake Bogoria continues to rise, it will spill over its current boundaries and flow north into Lake Baringo. The contamination of that lake’s freshwater with Bogoria’s saltwater will be deadly for most of Baringo’s marine life, and it will be devastating for the 100,000+ people who depend on the lake’s freshwater for fishing and irrigation.

This is an example of the upheavals that climate change experts tell us will become more common as the planet heats up and climates are disrupted, unless we can arrest the growth of greenhouse gases like CO2 in our atmosphere.

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